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Cleaning Tips for Pristine Results Every Time

Whether you are doing it all yourself or keeping on top of your office cleanliness in between cleaner visits, check out these 7 key areas to focus on!

1: Create a Clean Office Culture

This tip is probably the most important, that is why it comes first. If you can help all employees understand the importance of keeping a clean workspace and taking extra steps to be clean in common areas, it will make all office cleans so much easier. Make sure that all new employees understand that being tidy is a big part of their job. It is important not to be harsh or disciplinary about cleaning, but to make it a fun, team task that everyone shares and takes pride in. Give awards for the cleanest workstation, compliment coworkers if you see them cleaning a common area and give lots of positive reinforcement about clean habits. If everyone enjoys having a clean office, it will be no problem to keep everything looking good

2: Toilet Sanitation

When it comes to a safe and sound working environment, toilet sanitation should be placed on the top of the cleaning checklist. Since most germs and bacteria breads on the toilet seat, ensure that you clean it using the right cleaning product. Also keep the doorknobs, taps, washbasin and other areas of your washroom clean. This would prevent your employees from getting sick.

3: Dusting Computers And Keyboards

Computers and keyboards collect most of the dirt magnets. In fact, most of the germs transmitted from hands to the mouth because of the dirty keyboards. If you really want to improve your worker’s productivity, you have to follow a strict cleaning schedule. You can sprinkle a cleaning spray on a cloth to wipe off computers and keyboards.

4: Dust-off from top to bottom

If you ask us, this is the only way to dust! In our experience, dusting from bottom-to-top lets dust mites get away, and leaves dust sitting around. By going top-to-bottom, dust falls down, and not up. As you dust down, you progressively remove dust, including loose dust mites that might have simply been dusted away to a different level rather than removed.

Start with ceiling fans, light fixtures and shelves, slowly making your way down to the floor. Once that’s done, go over the lower levels a second time and vacuum up any stragglers. The simple top to bottom trick can help you cut the amount of time spent dusting – not to mention, it also stops dust from building up in air filters, light bulbs, and high windows.

5: Vacuum first, then mop

When our commercial cleaners in Sydney turn up to a site, we employ a systems-based approach to cleaning. As part of this, we always vacuum before mopping. The reason is simple. Vacuuming essentially prepares your floors for mopping by removing dust and dirt from the equation. That way, when you bust out the mops, you won’t push debris around your floor. It’s a simple trick, but one that’s surprisingly effective – what’s more, it’s easy to apply to your home or office cleaning routine!

6: Maintain Kitchen Areas

Kitchen area cleaning involves cleaning of all dishes soon after their use. In addition to this, other kitchen appliances in the office like a microwave should be promptly cleared of the mess. Also, the unattended food and drink spilled in the kitchen can be hard to clean up later.

7: If you can’t do it, hire a professional cleaner to do it for you

Let’s face it, not all cleaning jobs are easy. Many might simply be too big, too tough or too challenging to clean up on your own. If you can’t keep up with all the dirt and clutter in a daily and weekly cleaning schedule, you need a professional Sydney cleaner on the side.

Professional cleaners like CJM Cleaning can come to the rescue, taking difficult cleaning jobs off your hands. Schedule a daily, weekly, and monthly clean up with a professional cleaner so you can brush off any dirt and clutter around.

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