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Hands Up Who Loves Cleaning....

Hiring a professional end of lease cleaner can save you money & take away some of the stress

Increase Your Efficiency

After you have found another place to live or work, you know you have to organise a removalist, pack all your belongings, disconnect all your amenities eg water electricity internet and have them reconnected at your new property.

After all that hard work and organisation you will have to come back through and clean the property from top to bottom. Then once you have cleaned the property you will have to wait for your landlord or property manager to inspect the property.

They may turn around and tell you that the cleaning is unsatisfactory then you will either have to re-clean the property or use their cleaners and have the money deducted off your bond. Then on top of that once you move into your new property you then have to unpack all your belongings.

Don’t burden yourself with this task, let a professional cleaning company take the stress off your hands. We will liaise with your managing agent and take all that stress off your hands. You can enjoy moving into your property stress free and not have to take anymore time off work.

Saves You Precious Time & Money

Have you thought of cleaning the property yourself, maybe getting a family member or a friend to help?

To try and save yourself some money.

Sounds like a great idea but have really thought about the final outcome.

In hindsight it sounds like a good plan but in reality it could cost you a lot more in time off work. Doing a full end of a lease clean is no easy feat and you should think twice about it before taking the task on yourself.

A professional cleaning company will have all the right equipment, chemicals & experience to get the job done in a more timely manner than if you attempted it yourself. Also taking into consideration going out and buying the right chemicals and equipment to do the job yourself.

For a professional & efficient end of lease cleaning services call CJM Cleaning or simply click here

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1 Comment

Adrian Spear
Adrian Spear
May 15, 2021

All valid points to why getting you guys to do the end of lease cleaning. After all who has time to clean and set up the new joint at the same time.

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